About ETNK

Ethio-Norway TV (in Norwegian Etiopisk Norsk kanal ETNK), is an Ethiopian Norwegian media company based in Oslo, Norway. ETNK is a nett based television and radio registerd organization in Norway with an organization number 998902495. It is a non-partisan, independent media which trives to promote free press, democracy, freedom of expression, respect for human rights and the rule of law particularly in Ethiopia by working in close cooperation with the Ethiopian diaspora and the interanational socity. It also disminates balanced and unbiased information to the Ethiopian diaspora which is ment relevant to successfully integrate and become productive citizen in the country where they live. Norways political, economical, social, and culture activities, experiences and methods are ETNKs area of interest. ETNK raises international issues such as climate change, human right and migration. Generally ETNK follows and disminates United nations activities , plans and goals for the planet. Politics, humanright, development, health, culture, gender, religion, peace, global safty and cooperation are areas of fokus. News, interviews, arrangments, dialouge and debate are the major tools which ETNK uses to investigate and disminate the truth and find solutions which can be used to solve social problems and as an input for policy makers.ETNK is commited to accuracy of information, media etics, professionalism, impartiality journalistic principles, balance and fairness.

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